2013 Jauntaroo Audition Video

Earlier this year, Jauntaroo posted a job position for the “Best Job Around the World” as their Chief World Explorer.  It truly would have been my dream job!

The position as Chief World Explorer is a year-long contract position to travel the world, blog about the experiences and leave each place better than I found it, all while being paid $100,000.  I suppose in a way, I am still doing that job….just now on a volunteer basis. — Side note: If YOU happen to be seeking two awesome, fun-loving, adventurous, world travelers to promote your brand, let’s chat. 😉 — Regardless, as of today they are still in the process of determining the winner for their contest, er, job application.

This video was a labor of love created by Brenden.  Running up against the deadline to submit a video, he spent nearly an entire day at the Apple store in Chicago talking to Apple specialist about iMovie and how to create this video.  I must say, I am very impressed with his hard work for having never used iMovie before!

A final BIG thanks to all our friends and family that voted for our video! We gave it our all!