A City of Surprises: Budapest

Budapest you’ve surprised us. We hadn’t expected to find a city filled with so much music, energy, stunning cityscapes, and cultural experiences.

Yesterday we stumbled upon the city’s Month long Spring Festival and enjoyed the outdoor concert (music in both English and Hungarian) and many food/craft stalls. Then the rains came. This photo was taken yesterday just after a lengthy rain storm that left people huddled together under umbrellas of the many outdoor restaurants and bars.

After finding a cozy bar and enjoying a pint while we dried off, we found a cute cafe with music pouring out of its windows. Inside was a acoustic duo performing to a packed house. We were able to squeeze in and find a lounge area in the lofted space above the stage.

What a fun and spontaneous day we had exploring the touristy parts of the city. With yesterday being Easter and today Easter Monday, many of the local shops and restaurants are closed. Regardless, Budapest has already found a place in our hearts.