A Night in Zambia

We had the opportunity to cross the border to Zambia after our Honeymoon stay at the Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve in Zimbabwe.  We had booked our flight back to South Africa to depart from Livingstone, Zambia and decided to spend a night on the Zambia side before departing.

Though it was an expense, we decided to view Victoria Falls from the Zambia side and we are so glad we did!  The views from this side were incredible and you felt so much closer to the falls.  I was also able to finally see a rainbow over the falls as the day we viewed it from the Zimbabwe side it was raining.

The difference between Zimbabwe and Zambia is that Zimbabwe seems to cater more to tourism, while Zambia is more of an African city with little consideration for tourism outside of the resorts near the falls.  The afternoon we arrived we walked into town from our hotel.  Below are the sights from our stroll.