An African River Village in Pictures

While on our two night river safari aboard the luxurious Zambezi Queen, we had the opportunity to participate in an afternoon activity off the boat.  The options were to take a river boat trip to a small Namibian village or to go fishing.  We chose the village experience to better understand how Mantis Collection and the Zambezi Queen work to enrich the lives of the local Namibian people.

When we arrived at the village, just a few hundred feet from the river bank, one of the men from the village welcomed us and invited us on a tour.  It was humbling to see how simply the locals live and how much they rely on the river for their livelihood.  During our tour were invited into several homes.  We learned that homes without fencing were for unmarried men.  Once married, the man and wife live together and a wall around the thatched roof home is built to shelter the woman and children of the home. We saw how some villagers had solar panels for electricity, while others had no electricity at all.

At the end of our tour around the village, many of the villagers came together to performed traditional dancing and song for us.  After the presentation, we were invited to support the community by purchasing souvenirs, many of them handmade, from the woman of the village.

Mantis Collection and the Zambezi Queen employ, educate and financially help the local Namibian village.  In fact, together these two organizations are currently working to create a fresh reliable water source and to improve upon the village sanitation efforts.  Throughout our travels with Mantis Collection we are continually impressed with how much Mantis Collection Hotels and Experiences benefit the local communities in which they operate.