Cape Town’s Cape Carnival Festival

We were lucky to experience the Cape Town Carnival, which took place this past month while we were still in South Africa. This was the fifth annual celebration of the carnival that is growing steadily each year.  The theme for this year’s 1.2km parade that winds along the Cape Town Fan Walk was “Imagine”.  We think you’ll agree that the teams of seamstresses, float designers, and organizers used quite an imagination to create these colorful and festive costumes.

Prior to the start of the parade, we were able to walk in and around the hundred or so motorcycles that line up to start the parade.  The roar of their engines brought smile and surprise to kids of all ages.  When the parade started, we found a spot near the beginning of the parade route and were lucky to have a pretty good view considering the large crowds.  As the parade when on, we learned that a friendly group of ten or so standing next to us were part of the team of professionals that had worked tirelessly for months on end to create the ornate costumes.  They shared their stories of putting the finishing touches on a few pieces even just hours before the parade started.  Their pride and enthusiasm to show off their hard work was energizing to all around them.  Kudos to these and all the professionals that made this event such a fun and entertaining experience for all ages!