Nicole & Alan – Oliver, BC

Newlyweds, Nicole and Alan, returned to their hometown of Saskatoon, SK for their June 29, 2014 wedding.  Nicole says, “It is where we both grew up, met in high school and began our story.”  Having just moved back to British Columbia, Canada from living abroad in Australia for the two years prior, the two decided to explore their new “backyard” for their five day Honeymoon.

Nicole and Alan traveled to the wine country in Oliver, BC, and stayed in the La Sirena Villa at Hester Creek Winery.  When asked what excited them about this honeymoon destination, Nicole noted that, “When we lived in Australia, our favourite weekends consisted of traveling to Margaret River, drinking wine, surfing and lounging on the beach. When we decided to move back to Canada, we chose the Okanagan based on the lifestyle. We couldn’t wait to go paddle boarding, ride our cruiser bikes, taste great wine, eat delicious foods and lounge in the hot sun – as husband and wife!!”

Our journey as husband and wife has just begun and it is the most exciting, magical time in our lives. We just tried to soak in every second!

With so many activities on the itinerary, Nicole had a hard time choosing just one favorite memory. “It is nearly impossible to pick just one as the whole week just seemed surreal.” Reluctantly, she narrowed down some of her favorite momentous to three:

  • Alan and I traveled to Washington state for a day to go paddle boarding on Blue Lake. It was incredible. Less than an hour from where we were staying, it’s hard to believe the water is that blue and clear!
  • We went to the beach one day where we relaxed with books in one hand, Coronas in the other and our Nixon Blaster playing softly in the background. We went paddle boarding, jumped in the lake and just floated for what seemed like ever soaking in the sun. We went for a late leisurely lunch at Liquidity Winery. It was superb. The setting was gorgeous, the service amazing, the charcuterie platter delicious … as was the wine. It was just a very special moment.
  • I could go on and on with so many favourite memories but, by far the best memory throughout the honeymoon was just looking at my HUSBAND, seeing the ring on his finger and just in awe of the journey that brought us to this point. He is my best friend and my soulmate. Our journey as husband and wife has just begun and it is the most exciting, magical time in our lives. We just tried to soak in every second!

Nicole says that best meal they shared was on the last night of their honeymoon when they went to Burrowing Owl for dinner. “It was amazing. We sat out on the patio, enjoyed a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and delicious food. Although we opted out of desert, we took a cheese plate home where we enjoyed a bottle of chardonnay from Lawrence Winery in Margaret River that we’d been cellaring and laid out under the stars.”


Why is Oliver, BC the perfect Honeymoon destination according to Nicole?

“Clearly if you love wine and good food, you’ll love the region. There is so much to explore in the area – so many lakes, trails, fruit orchards … Truly something for everyone.”

Nicole’s Advice to Future Honeymooners Considering Oliver, BC?

“Stay at the villas at Hester Creek. The service and experience was amazing. We can’t wait to go back!”

What’s the Best Marriage Advice the Newlyweds Received?

“Alan and I are best friends and we never want to lose the closeness we share. It may sound selfish but, the best advice we’ve received is to always put each other first, even before children. If our marriage is strong, and we’re a strong united team, then we’ll parent better together and never lose site of the love we share. And, to live by our values.”

Nicole’s Advice to Future Honeymooners:

“I would highly recommend going on a honeymoon directly after the wedding.”  Nicole and Alan departed for their Honeymoon three days after the wedding celebration.  “We had the gift opening the day after the wedding, then helped our families organize and clean up after the whirlwind of company, said our goodbyes and away we went! Even if you can only do a few days away, it is such a special, magical feeling to be with your new spouse. You’ll never regret it.”

Nicole and Alan are already planning their “second honeymoon” for the fall/early winter somewhere overseas. We think having their next Honeymoon on the horizon is always a good plan, as The Honeymoon Couple likes to say, remember to #alwaysbehoneymooning! Congratulations on your nuptials and thank you, Nicole and Alan, for sharing your Honeymoon with us.

Photo Credits:
Wedding Photo: Lauren Winter Photography
Honeymoon Photos: Alan Verbeke (the Groom) – AVenue Photography
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