Our Day in 10 Photos – May 14 – Kasbah du Toubkal, Morocco

Wednesday was met with our departure from Mantis Collection’s Kasbah du Toubkal.  We had an easy morning at the Kasbah, enjoying the breakfast again.  Then we slowly made our way back into town to catch our taxi back to Marrakech.  I think we previously noted that the Kasbah is only accessed by foot and mule.  There are no roads or access cars to get to the hotel.  Therefore, we and our luggage went down the same way we went up….us hiking the 15 minutes down, and thankfully our 22.5kg bags being carried down by one of the village mules.  We were so grateful to our steady mule we bought a few carrots from a village merchant for him to enjoy at the bottom of the hill.

From here we were off via local taxi on the hour drive back to the city.  When we arrived at the Train Station in Marrakech, the clock tower stated that the temperature at 3:50pm was 48* Celsius or 118* Fahrenheit!  Luckily we were able to sit in the air-conditioned station for the hour wait we had to board the train, however were disappointed to learn that the air-conditioning on the train did not work for our entire 3.5+ hour trip back to Casablanca!  Needless to say, showers were needed as soon as we arrived at our hotel in Casa!