Our Stay in 18 Photos at Paradise Suites Halong Bay

Halong Bay is a must see destination for all travelers coming to visit Vietnam.  The drive from Hanoi to Halong Bay is approximately 3-and-half to 4 hours.  Trains no longer run on this route, so going by shuttle is the most commonly used transportation there.  Some tour companies sell a one-day tour to HaLong Bay and we think that would be far too rushed and tiring to make it a pleasant memorable experience.  In fact, we’d recommend staying two night in the HaLong Bay area, one night on land, the other on a Junket.

If price is not an issue, we’d recommend booking a comfortable and safe private car on your journey to HaLong.  The roads are dangerous and the quality of the minibuses and vans are very different.

We stayed one night in the lovely Paradise Suites Hotel, which is located on the newly developed Tuan Chau Island, before our one night cruise on the Paradise Luxury.  The hotel offers a quiet oasis away from the busy HaLong City area and high-rises.  The hotel is the first boutique hotel, and the only high-end luxury hotel, we found in the area.  All hotel rooms offer top quality sophistication and all the necessary 5 star amenities.  Currently they are still developing the private beach facilities and the spa which will be opening in a few months.  The services and staff were very helpful throughout our stay and we look forward to returning when they have everything open.

The hotel is well located to explore more of the famous HaLong Bay expeditions and tours of the area.  We took the opportunity to ride the hotel’s complimentary bicycles around the harbor and residential developments that are currently under-construction.

We stayed one night on the beautiful cruise ship and discovered all that HaLong Bay had to offer.  You can see our video form this once-in-a-lifetime adventure here.  We would highly recommend staying at the Paradise Suites Hotel prior to or immediately following an overnight cruise.  We felt the way we did our journey was an ideal amount of time to experience this UNESCO World Heritage area, as well as not feeling too rushed from the long journey to the bay area.  Further, once the hotel is finished with all the planned developments, like the private beach and spa, we imagine you would want to stay a day or two more to experience all that they have to offer.

The Honeymoon Couple were invited guests of Paradise Suites, however the views and opinions expressed are solely our own.