Table Mountain at Sunset

Table Mountain at sunset is spectacular….but Table Mountain during a Full Moon is out of this world!  We decided late in the afternoon that we would try to make Table Mountain in time for sunset.  (It was Che’s last night (Brenden’s sister) in Cape Town and she had never been to the top before.)  Therefore it wasn’t until around 4:00pm before we arrived at the base of the mountain.  There was only a short line for tickets, so we were on the cable car roughly 20 minutes later on our way to the top.  Arriving at this time of day actually works out really well as the crowds have left and you have a chance to view the sights in the light of day with the added bonus of enjoying a romantic sundowner from the top.

At the top of the mountain, you can see forever.  We had a particularly clear day that afternoon, and visibility allowed us to see for miles in every direction.  We walked around the paved paths on top of the mountain for nearly 30 minutes before finding that ‘perfect spot’ to on the western side of the mountain to watch the sun set into the ocean.

We were prepared with wine before making the trip to the top, but if you find yourself less prepared, there is a food market and cafe at the top where you can purchase wine, beer, cheese, crackers, coffee, pizza, etc.

Once the sun sets, they allow roughly an hour before the final cable car makes its way down the mountain.  This gave us enough time to finish our drinks and slowly make our way back to the cable station while stopping to take some night shots of the city below.