Video: Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight

What a breathtaking flight!  Recently, we had the flight of a lifetime when we took a 12 minute “Flight of Angels” helicopter trip over Victoria Falls and the surrounding area with Zambezi Helicopter Company.   The shear power of the waterfall caused this mist that can be seen from miles away and is referred to by the locals as “the smoke that thunders”, which it truly does.  The mist was an amazing sight to see when we drove into the town of Victoria Falls on our arrival, but even more so from the air.  This was Julie’s first helicopter flight and we both felt that it is definitely one of those experiences to add to your bucket list.

Our Helicopter experience offered breathtaking views, adventure and excitement from the time we took flight, to the making of this thrilling video.  We witnessed one of the seven natural wonders of the world and would recommend this experience to anyone visiting Victoria Falls.  Here’s wishing you a safe flight when get the chance to experience this amazing flight!

Thank you to Moline at the Stanley & Livingstone Private Game Reserve for coordinating our flight and to the entire team at Zambezi Helicopter Company for an amazing experience!  To book your “Flight of Angels” contact the Zambezi Helicopter Company.