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Honeymooners Malia & Matthew of San Diego, California dreamed of a “remote and tropical” Honeymoon destination where they could “dive, eat well, relax, and explore”.  However, before they could jet off to their Fiji Honeymoon, the two celebrated with friends and family in an intimate seaside wedding followed by an incredible fun-filled reception on Mission Beach in San Diego, California!  We know it was an awesome wedding because we were there!  Matthew is Julie’s brother, so this is an extra special #myMoonsRTW Honeymoon for us to share.


The wedding festivities took place on Friday, September 21st, which allowed the party to continue into Saturday, when many of the wedding party and guests gathered to cheer on the Ohio State Buckeyes Football team for a regular season game.  Malia and Matthew then departed for their honeymoon on Sunday.

The couple stayed at Amunuca Island Resort on Tokoriki Island in Fiji.  Malia said one of her favorite activities during the trip was utilizing the kayaks and scuba gear the hotel provided guests.  She said, “We had a lot of rain during our stay but we didn’t let that stop our adventure. When there was a break in the clouds, we hopped onto a kayak and started to cruise around the island. We found a secluded beach on the other side all to ourselves. It was so peaceful, relaxing and romantic. No one else existed in the world that day but Matt and I.”

When they weren’t in the water, Malia said they most enjoyed the fresh “tropical fruit juice to accompany my champagne!”

Malia and Matt also took the opportunity to explore some of the remote islands around their own private resort island.  Malia recalled one adventure when they visited a small neighboring island where the resort staff lived with their families. “The hotel offered us a boat ride and tour as well as a kava ceremony with the community leader. There was one other couple who went with us. Fijian people are incredibly warm and loving upon meeting you. They are happy and full of life and welcome the chance to share that with you. It was pouring rain as we climbed into a small boat and motored our way across rough seas. We were taken on a walking tour of their neighborhood, met some kids who showed us where they went to school and then we were invited into their community center.

This is why I love travel. You get to experience humanity at its best.

“We participated in a kava ceremony where they passed around a coconut shell filled with kava. It was just such a contrast to the all-inclusive resort we were staying at. They lived in small houses that were mostly run down. They did not have much but whatever they had, they wanted to share with us. This is why I love travel. You get to experience humanity at its best. Our truth lies in the great act of love, compassion and community. In that, you find yourself in a stranger and you connect in a way that will ultimately fill this world with joy and love.”

Malia’s Advice to Future Honeymooners Considering Fiji?

“Upgrade to a kids free resort.”

What’s the Best Marriage Advice the Newlyweds Received?

“Hold hands as much as possible and end each day with a kiss.”

Malia’s Advice to Future Honeymooners:

“Be mindful of the moment. Life shifts so quickly and it’s easy to swing into patterns of existing behavior. Your honeymoon is time devoted solely loving on each other in such an open way. Embrace the tenderness that comes when it’s just the two of you dedicating a trip to be together.”

Well, that “And Fijian people rock. Bula!”

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Malia and Matthew are currently enjoying their summer on the water in San Diego with their dog, Rooney.  Maybe seeing their Honeymoon featured here will inspire them to book a ticket and join us for a week or so somewhere around the world! 😉  Thank you both for sharing your Honeymoon with us!

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Wedding Photo: Sheila Hadda
Photo Booth: Pink Shutter
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