Our Day in 13 Photos – August 27 – My Son, Vietnam

A visit to My Son UNESCO world heritage site is a must do if you have not seen the likes of the famous Angkor Wat of Cambodia or Ayutthaya of Thailand. My Son is a cluster of partially ruined Hindu temples that were constructed between the 4th and 14th century AD. The area is surrounded by mountains and is at the origin of the Thu Bon River, which flows into the East China Sea and passes through the famous town of Hoi An.

The My Son site was used for religious ceremony’s for the kings of the Champa rule at the time. The site originally had about 70 temples, but today their are only 20 left. Most of the temples were destroyed during the Vietnam war and are currently being rebuilt by in collaboration with the French and Italians. Bomb craters can be spotted all around the archaeological sites. The majority of the temples that are still somewhat erect are in the group B section, at the entrance of the site. We would recommend taking an early morning tour as it fills up quickly with tourists making it tough to take quality pictures or video. The tour is a little longer than a half day trip as the site is roughly 50 km outside of Hoi An.

Insiders Tips: Be sure to wear comfortable clothes, stay hydrated, and have sunscreen as it is very hot and humid. If you are very interested in the history of the archaeological site, be sure to go with a reputable company that has a tour guide that speaks English well.  We thought we had chosen a good tour company, however our guide spoke very broke English and repeated the few English phrases he knew non-stop throughout the tour.

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